See the power of Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs!

Magnetic Drain Plug Videos

Canadian Biker TV segment introducing Dimple Magnetic Oil Plugs and Super Black Hole Oil Filter Magnets

Regarded by many as the best Harley Davidson tuner in the world, Chris Waddell tells is like it is. Check out his demonstration video of our magnetic drain plugs

Two short videos by Stewart Sanderson, a respected automotive motorsports technical author for many European magazines - and also our UK distributor

New Age Motorcycles, LTD. Hong Kong

Comparison of a Dimple Magnetic Drain Plug with a standard Subaru differential drain plug. The Dimple magnet is shown to be 40 times stronger, which means much cleaner oil

The power of Dimple Magnetic Plug - Ducati Monster S4

Kent Bergsma is owner of, a great site for all older Mercedes Diesel owners and one of our dealers. See what he has to say about Dimple Products

Joe from Slingmods gives a brief overview of the our plugs including the installation process for a Polaris Slingshot