Extend the life of your Slingshot

Magnetic Drain Plugs for Slingshot Motorcycles

Polaris Slingshot Slingshot by Polaris


Complete Set

Drain plug set for Polaris Slingshot

Complete set of plugs for the Polaris Slingshot:

Engine oil drain plug = M12x1.75x21
Transmission plug = M18x1.5x12
Angle drive plug = M18x1.5x12



Transmission or Angle Drive

M18x1.5x12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Slingshot

This drain plug will fit the transmission or the angle drive of any Polaris Slingshot motorcycle.



Engine Oil Drain Plug

M12x1.75x21 Magnetic Drain Plug for Slingshot

This product will serve as the engine drain plug for any Polaris Slingshot motorcycle.


Joe from Slingmods gives a brief overview of the our plugs including the installation process for a Polaris Slingshot