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SAE Thread Magnetic Drain Plugs

(Society of Automotive Engineers)

SS3/8"x24x5/16" Magnetic Drain Plug

Manufactured specifically for 2004-2006 Harley Davidsons, this plug features our Super Seal, a built-in O-ring with a 15-degree taper.


1/2"x20x1/2"W Magnetic Drain Plug

This plug fits primarily earlier American cars. The wide version is signified by the W and features a large precision flange area for great sealing properties.


1/2"x20x1/2"N Magnetic Drain Plug

Sometimes there is not enough room to use the wide head version of this plug, so we created one with a narrow head flange.


SS1/2"x20x1/2" Magnetic Drain Plug

This plug is customized for Harley Davidson bikes - SS stands for super seal, a built-in O-ring with a 15-degree taper which allows you to replace the plug without using sealant or purchasing a new O-Ring.


7/16"x20x3/8" Magnetic Drain Plug

Mini Cooper S supercharger and GM V6 Eaton "roots" blower plug, among other applications.


SS5/8"x18x9" Magnetic Drain Plug

This product was manufactured to replace very early Harley drain plugs with a super-strong modern magnetic drain plug.